About Kitasato University

Kitasato University was founded in 1962 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of The Kitasato Institute. The University initially consisted of one school and two departments, but now it comprises seven graduate schools, seven undergraduate schools, one college, three affiliated research institutes, and four hospitals.

Graduate Schools

  • Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Veterinary Medicine and Animal Sciences
  • Fisheries Sciences
  • Nursing
  • Science
  • Medical Sciences
  • Infection Control Sciences

Undergraduate Schools

  • Pharmacy
  • Veterinary Medicine
  • Medicine
  • Marine Biosciences
  • Nursing
  • Science
  • Allied Health Sciences


College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Research Institutes

  • Kitasato Institute for Life Sciences
  • Oriental Medicine Research Center
  • Research Center for Clinical Pharmacology


  • Kitasato University Hospital
  • Kitasato University East Hospital
  • Kitasato Institute Hospital
  • Kitasato Institute Medical Center Hospital

Kitasato University has six campuses spread throughout Japan:

  • - Shirokane Campus in Tokyo
  • - Sagamihara Campus in Kanagawa
  • - Kitamoto Campus in Saitama
  • - Towada Campus in Aomori
  • - Sanriku Campus in Iwate
  • - Niigata Campus in Niigata

The University has its headquarters in Shirokane where the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences is based, but the major educational facility is located in Sagamihara. The Sagamihara Campus is home to the School of Medicine, the School of Nursing, the School of Science, the School of Allied Health Sciences, the Center of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Kitasato University Hospital, and Kitasato University East Hospital.