There is a dormitory for exchange students on the Sagamihara Campus of Kitasato University. Students who wish to make use of this dormitory should notify us as soon as possible of the period of stay after obtaining consent from the medical department of choice.

  • - the fee is ¥1,250 per night (medical exchange students only, please pay in cash)
  • - the dormitory is not equipped with a kitchen, but you can boil water and use the microwave oven
  • - there is a communal washing machine
  • - each room is furnished with a bed, cabinet, and television
  • - each room has a private bath and toilet
  • - there is no internet access in the dormitory, but you can access the internet from the computers in the Media Room (M1, 3rd floor) and in the medical library (M1, 2nd floor).

Use of the dormitory is optional. Alternatively, you can also stay at a (business) hotel in the vicinity of the university or of the nearby stations Sagami-Ōno and Sagamihara.

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